Jim McKinniss juried into Pine Ave Photo Project


Rochelle” photograph copyright of Jim McKinniss

Jim Mckinniss was recently juried into the Pine Ave Photo Project.

Arts and culture play a significant role in shaping communities and strengthen our values and create pride of citizenship. The Pine Ave Photo Project is a series of enlarged black & white portraits taken by several Long Beach and Los Angeles area fine art photographers. The selected  works will be digitally enhanced and enlarged to  4’ x 6’ or 22” x 28”. The works will be displayed in selected sites along Long Beach’s Pine Ave corridor in exciting empty store fronts transforming the interior spaces to vibrant art galleries.”

by Doug Stockdale

5 thoughts on “Jim McKinniss juried into Pine Ave Photo Project

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  1. I had two images selected into the gallery. Did you end up going? The contact person never responded to me. I was not able to attend and I was hoping to see my images being shown.

  2. Hello Jeremie – I did go. There were 8 photographers selected for the show.

    It turns out that the idea of the show was to project the accepted entries on an exterior wall of the Lafayette building on Linden Ave using a digital projector.

    Unfortunately, they had technical problems which prevented this so the show was cancelled. I believe they plan to do it at a later date but they didn’t give a date.

    I looked at your website and especially enjoy your personal work.


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