Month of Photograph LA: MOPLA


In the rumor mill for the past two or three months has be MOPLA: Month of Photography – Los Angeles. It seems that it might be really happening per the Feb 17, 2009 Press Release:

The Lucie Foundation which holds the world s most esteemed photography awards ceremony honoring the greatest achievements in the field (The Lucie Awards), is pleased to present a new signature event, The Month of Photography Los Angeles (MOPLA), this April 2009. MOPLA is a month-long celebration of Photography, its artists, and the community who adores, inspires and fuels it. MOPLA will organize and galvanize the photograph and art community in Los Angeles to present an extensive observance of the visual medium during the month of April.

Become engaged through a variety of events and programs designed to inspire and invigorate the photography professional, enthusiast, emerging professional and collectors both young and seasoned. As the second largest photography community in the United States, Los Angeles will provide a distinctive backdrop to the celebration of thephotographic image, with an official Opening Nite event on Tuesday, April 7 at the Pacific Design Center.

“MOPLA is our opportunity to unite and present the great happenings of Photography in Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world, and a city long been perceived as the arts and culture step-sister to New York”, says co-Founder Cat Jimenez, and Executive Director of the Lucie Foundation. “This is an exciting time for Photography in Los Angeles with the birth of MOPLA and the Annenberg Space for Photography opening in late March. Even in these challenging economic times, there s still a plethora of content to celebrate, which makes this month even more meaningful. We want to inspire, encourage and engage those involved in the Photography Community and by presenting programming for everyone, that will help us achieve that goal”.

By Doug Stockdale

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