Call for Art – Galeria Studio Cerrillo

Commencing in 2009 Studio Cerrrillo (San Cristóbal, Chiapas, Mexico) plans to offer a year of performance, conceptual and installation art.

We are seeking an original concept created for our gallery which is  4.6 /4.6 /3.2 meters, 15 liner meters of exhibition space, a small back patio, and the street which is easily closed for the day and night of the inauguration, thus allowing the connected spaces to serve as an excellent venue for the artist.


Theme: That which goes up, generally must come down

Projects submitted for this year of alternative art need to be performance, installation or conceptual to be considered. We are specifically seeking original works that are designed for specifically for our space. We want ideas that pushes the edge of each individual artist and the audience.    Whether   MODERN,  SEXUAL,  SATIRICAL, REACTIONARY,  POLITICAL or PROHIBITED,  we want each artist to explore the outer edge, to create a new work and to have fun.


Beyond production of the exhibit we are asking each artist to do a brief, hour or so, class on whatever subject is selected by the artist, the day before or after the opening. The audience will be students, admirers and the general public. We support this idea as it brings increased attention to each exhibit and helps to expands the visual vocabulary of the local population.

For more information, contact Cisco, Gallery Director at 967 678 5727 or



by Doug Stockdale

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