Friday at photo l.a.

The members of the Photo Exchange were will represented at photo l.a. yesterday (Friday, Jan 9th), but we found that although it cost only $20 to attend, it costs an additional $10 to park. oh, well.

I had an opportunity to walk part of the exhibition with Rudy Vega, Larry Weiss, Diane Reeves, Ellen Butler, Jim McKinniss, Ann Marie Rosseau and Larry Pribble.

There is a lot to see, with an extremely wide selection of photographs and photographic books to look at and consider. Overall a great opportunity to be insprired in the potential of this wonderful medium.

By Doug Stockdale

Diane Reeves:  Highway robbery to charge $10 for parking but the show was worth the $20 admission.  There will always be the “What were they thinking?” but overall I didn’t see any artist command the show as I have in other years.  Sometimes it looks like everyone carries the same thing.  A little less of that this year.  The most exciting work seemed to be coming out of Santa Fe galleries.  Everything I was attracted to was from elsewhere……

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  1. I was a little disappointed with Photo LA this year. It seems all the galleries were playing it safe by showing only photographer’s work that they had exhibited in their galleries before. No new photographers and no new work. I found most of my inspiration at Select Vernacular-Norman Kulkin’s booth of wonderful vintage photographs.

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