Stockdale – POD publishing workshop


The 23 Sandy Gallery, located in Portland, Oregon, has just announced the availability of my March 15th, 2009 workshop, Developing a Photography Print on Demand (POD) Book.

In this one-day workshop, I will cover the topics of: Establishing the purpose of your book, what is Print on Demand (POD) vs traditional publishing, the POD publishing options, understanding the parts of a book, book design and dummy, editing, pairing and sequencing photographs, POD templates, color management for POD publishing, sharpening images for POD printing, book proof & production and finally, marketing your book.

Yes, there is a ton of material to cover, but it should be a great time. This workshop is occurring in conjunction with the 23 Sandy Gallery’s juried Photo+Book exhibit, so there will be a lot of creative books to look at for inspiration. I will also be bringing some of the POD books that I have recently reviewed on The Photo Book, as well as some other examples of traditional books that include the good, the bad and exceptional.

So if you have been thinking about developing a photographic POD book or would like to take your POD books to a new level, please plan on joining me at the 23 Sandy Gallery in Portland, OR on March 15th, and you can obtain more information or sign-up here.

by Doug Stockdale

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