SoFoBoMo 2009

So you have been thinking about creating a photographic book, but you have just not had the right opportunity, eh?

Well, your opportunity may have just come (again)! SoFoBoMo 2009 is on the horizon!

Okay, just what the heck am I talking about? SoFoBoMo stands for Solo Foto Book Month, which was started in 2008 by Paul Butzi with the support of a few crazy friends, your truely included. What were we thinking?

This is the idea in a nutshell: within a 30-day period, you will start to photograph your project, create at least 36 images, develop your photogaphs and then ceate a book and have the book published. Yep, all in 30 days! And over 50 photographers completed their books, some did two, again, like yours truely. Yep, I created my Sharpening book in just one day, a Saturday in Mid-May. Okay, so it was not a Pulitzer winner and I needed to update it for a second edition, which will be published shortly, but it was a book created in a day!

You had to choose your project, and choose your 30 days, but it had to be between the begining of April and the end of May in 2008, which is why it was called a “fuzzy” month, to allow for some timing latitude. For 2009, it will be any 30 days between the beginning of May and the end of June, 2009. Sign ups will be able to start at by the middle of January.

A lot of photographers who write blogs also set up a tracking catagory for how their SoFoBoMo project was going. Makes for interesting reading. I kept track of my SoFoBoMo project on my blog, Singular Images.

So if you were thinking about developing a photographic book, this may be an opporutnity to give yourself a kick in the butte and get ‘er done.

By Doug Stockdale

BTW the prize? Your own book.  Nice.

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