Sharpening Photographs for POD Publishing – 2nd Edition


I am very happy to announce that the second edition of my sharpening book for POD publishing has been completed, uploaded and now available for purchase here.

Even though I have changed the title a wee bit, it is still my second edition Sharpening book nevertheless. I had the wonderful editorial help from my friend Dave Olmstead to eliminate my crummy use of grammar. The first edition was created in just one day when I was really aggravated with my first production proof of In Passing, so hopefully I get some allowances AND I was in the middle of trying to complete my SoFoBoMo 2008 project. Yikes.

What I had not noticed until recently is that my first edition Sharpening book had received a Blurb Staff  Pick. Now I am hoping to receive the same Blurb recommendation for my second edition. Thanks Blurb team!

So this new edition has the grammar and spelling fixes, more comparative photographs to illustrate my points, a little more experience to draw from and share and the photographs re-arranged a bit to help illustrate the effects (Thanks to Laura Russel, 23 Sandy Gallery for those great recommendations).

Honestly, if you are going to publish your photographs with a Print on Demand (POD) book, you have to compensate somehow for all of the effects that will dull and mush the resolution and sharpness of your published book’s photographs. My recommendations are not the only solution, but you have to do something to your photographs to get the best results.

Okay, so go check it out and let me know your thoughts from what you read in the preview. I have kept the first edition on Blurb with a referral to the second edition. I do not expect anyone to purchase the first edition, but there are a number of Internet and other blog pointers and links to the first edition book that I want to preserve for the time being.

by, Doug Stockdale

BTW the cover photograph was made during the Chinese New Year Blizzard of 2008, what should have been an hour’s drive south of Shanghi. Except on this day, that turned into a six hour crawl, which made the Southern California freeway traffic jams look like a picnic in comparision.

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