Larry Vogel – recent collection


From the Water Works Series, copyright of Larry Vogel

commercial real estate investment company in Ontario California recently purchased nine photographs by Larry Vogel. The artwork by Vogel was purchased and commissioned through the Susan Spiritus Gallery in Newport Beach, California.

All of the art pictured in the installation photographs were created and installed by Larry Vogel. All nine pieces are inkjet printed on canvas and mounted on stretcher bars. To finish the sides of the 1 1/2″ canvas wrapped stretcher bars, Vogel framed the art with an aluminum molding. The three pieces in the two story lobby are all ten feet wide and vary in height with dimensions of 38″, 32″ and 24″. The horizontal image, Yellow Leaves on Water is 38″ x 72″. All other square images are printed to 38″ x 38″.

The three images on the two story lobby wall, as well as two of the square images are from The Water Works Series all created by Vogel from digital photographs and Photoshop manipulations. The triptych of eucalyptus trees are from the Motion Picture Series. This series was created from photographs all shot from a moving car. Using long shutter speeds and a panning motion with the camera there is evidence of blur and motion in each image.

For more information and availability contact the Susan Spiritus Gallery at or Larry Vogel at

by Doug Stockdale

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  1. Larry, The art is superb,the format great and the presentation excellent. I glad I had a chance to see them
    in their new environment .(I like the model too)


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