Douglas Stockdale – In Passing


In Passing, Second Edition, by Douglas Stockdale, Blurb publication, 2008

Yes, yours truely, the editor of this web-journal and a member of The Photographers Exchange, has just published the Second Edition of my book, In Passing.

The second edition is now available as a hardcover book with an ImageWrap cover, in a large horizontal format book (13 x 11″), with 36 photographs on 80 pages of the new Blurb premium 100 lb luster paper. My earlier First Edition published a smaller, softcover book is now out of print and no longer available for purchase.

The reduction in the number of photographs in this book coinsides with a better understanding of my objectives with this series. I am attempting to capture the elusive traces of emotions of a personal tragedy, including grief, sorrow and eventually acceptance with the passage of time.

I have published a number of articles about my development of this series over the last year and a half on my personal web journal, Singular Images.

By Doug Stockdale

12-28-08 update: I just made a couple of tweaks to the second edition and the slightly revised Second Edition is now available.

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