New Epson printers – Pro 7900 & Pro 9900

Epson just announced two new printers, the Pro 7900 (24″ wide) and 9900 (44″ wide) and they both have the ability to automaticly switch between matte black and gloss black. I figured that they did get it, but I guess it has taken a little while to implement the changes. And maybe losing some unneccessary market share to HP and Canon during the duration, eh?

Who says competition is not good! I know that the new Pro 9900 now has my interest;- )

Apparently Epson is also announcing an upgrade to their pigment ink, called UltraChrome HDR Technology. I do not have any details on the ink at the moment, but like all new things, it is suppose to be improved and better. I am sure we will see more about both of these changes in print soon.

But alas, the ability to change the black ink on the fly for the smaller prints, such as the 4880, is not available. YET! I am guessing we should see that printing capability soon, along with the availablity of the new inks on the smaller format printers.

by Doug Stockdale

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