Leica S2

With all of the buzz about the new 21Mp Canon EOS 5D Mark II and 15MP 50D, as well as the 12 Mp Nikons, I don’t see much about the new 37.5 Mp Leica S2. The Leica is equivalent to a medium format camera (30x45mm sensor) in a 35mm camera body. But this Leica will also require some new lens for adaquate sensor coverage.

Some have voiced the concern that with the 21Mp Canon’s, they are reaching the limits with the 35mm equivalent size sensor. Cramming a lot in a small space. So is the Leica S2 the camera of the future for digital? Thus, will the current “full frame” lens for the Canon 5D Mark II or the 1DsMark III  then have a equivalency factor when used on the larger format sensor cameras??

Time will tell, eh?

By Doug Stockdale

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