Critical Mass 2008

Photolucida’s Critical Mass 2008 is now open for submissions! (okay, this is a couple of days late) The deadline for your submission is Oct 3rd. This is a really great opportunity to achieve some wide visibility if you make it through the entire two step process.

I think that they say it best:

The aim of Critical Mass, and all Photolucida programming, is to provide participants with career-building opportunities and to promote the best emerging and mid-career artists working today.

Critical Mass is a program about exposure and community. The idea is simple- photographers (from anywhere) submit a 10 image portfolio for $75. This work then gets pre-screened by a committee of 25 great jurors and from there, 175 top finalists are determined.

These top finalists then pay an additional submission fee and their work goes on to a jury of approximately 200 of the world’s best curators, editors, and professionals who have agreed to vote on these finalists. From these votes, two or three photographers receive book awards and once the monographs are published, everyone who enters and reviews will receive copies of the books.

The 2008 pre-screening committee includes our own local galleriest, Susan Spiritus of the Susan Spiritus Gallery.

Well, that’s enough for now, as I have to get back to my own submission for this wonderful opportunity;- )

by Doug Stockdale

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