AfterCapture now online

The magazine AfterCapture has just restarted their on-line version, which I hope will continue to be a good resource for photographers, and I have linked it to the side panel under Resources as well. This is a magazine that is for professional, advanced amatures and photo artists. But as always, I think any photographer will find something of interest.

It appears that the hard copy version will still be distributed directly to readers, as this is not a news stand available magazine. In fact if you nose around, you may find where you can get your own complementary (FREE) copies. For some reason, I was comp’d on this new magazine at the begining of the year and I now always seem to find something of interest, such as photo tech of RAW or the writings of John Paul Caponigro.

Of interest is the current John Paul Caponigro article in AfterCapture, Illuminating Creativity – Arranging, about why paying attention to how you sequence your images does matter. Regardless if you are a photojournalist or an artist or what you have on display at home, how you arrange you photographs does have an effect on your viewers.

by Doug Stockdale

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