Photo-eye on-line

Robert Frank, 1969-1971, by Walker Evans, courtsey MOMA

Another quarterly photography resource magazine has now gone on on-line, which is Photo-Eye Magazine, a publication form the book store/gallery located in New Mexico. As a photographer who enjoys photographic monographs and published portfolios, I have always been looking forward to finding the newest copy of Photo-Eye magazine on the new racks.

Always a delight to sit back and lesasurily read with all of the lastest published books, reviews and backgrounds about the books themselves.

But I just noticed the announcement on Exposure Compensation about the change in venue for this fine resource publication. So appears that we will not see this magazine in our magazine racks, but now still available on the web, an interesting trend in photographic magazines of late. I wonder if this had anything to do with the recent change in Editors of this magazine?

As always, one thing leads to another, as following the link to Photo-Eye and investigating this new e-format, I found a nice little article about Walker Evans discussing Robert Frank. This was written by Evans in US Camera in 1958. Which of course is interesting to me as Evans is usually identified as providing the visual foundation for Franks major work, The Americas. So anyhow, the new on-line magazine has a lot of information to read and spend some time enjoying.

So I have added the Photo-Eye magazine to our list of resources, as well as the excellently written on-line journal, Exposure Compensation. For those not familiar with Miguel Garcia-Guzman the publisher of Exposure Compensation, he resides here in Southern California, but has a global eye and a wonderful sensitivity for those who are creating works with the photographic medium. I have been following his writing for some time and delighted to include him in our resource page.

by Doug Stockdale

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  1. Photo-eye is a terrific gallery. I’ve been there and the photography they show is first rate.

    My recommendation is that anyone visiting Santa Fe would be well advised to stop by this gallery.


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