Rudy Vega at Reflections Gallery

Photograph copyright of Rudy Vega

The Reflections Gallery, Santa Ana (OC) will be exhibiting Japan: Recent Photographs of Rudy Vega, a solo exhibt opening Saturday, September 20th through October 18th. The artists reception will be September 20th, from 6 – 10pm.

Rudy states; For the past four years I’ve been traveling to Japan with my 8×10 camera in tow. My objective has been to photograph different aspects of the Japanese cultural landscape.  My aim is to provide a view that is somewhat comprehensive but given the limitations of language (mine), brief visits (generally no more than two weeks at time) and access, I have to temper my photographic ambitions. This exhibition represents a work in progress as I have many more images to share and more visits to Japan planned.

The process involves shooting on 8×10 chromes then scanning, followed by image processing with Adobe Photoshop, then printed with an Epson 9600 inkjet printer and finally face mounted to acrylic. Lately I have also chosen some images to engage in pictorial intervention in order to push certain conceptual objectives

by Doug Stockdale

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