Stan Kuran – Life Images

Matt copyright Stan Kuran –

Stan Kuran, a member of The Photographers Exchange, recently had this photograph and the following text accepted in the relatively new magazine, Life Images;

This photograph of my nephew Matt was taken over 25 years ago. I still find it humorous. He is imitating my photo technique of vertically framing the image appropriate to portraiture. Ironically, I framed him horizontally. The fact that his hand blocks the camera lens is priceless.
Photography is a magical way to stop time. Our life is only a series of fleeting moments that go by so quickly we rarely have time to appreciate them. By freezing time, photography enables us to savor these moments that are otherwise gone forever. Only memory and photography can preserve these precious events that compose our life. The moment and the memory are forever safe within the photograph.
by Douglas Stockdale

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