Stockdale – Two new Books

 Places Amongst Us by Douglas Stockdale

The reason for the intermintant updates is that I was somewhat buried in a unique project called Solo Foto Book Month (SoFoBoMo). For this inagural year, it included a “fuzzy” month, with a 30 day period of your chosing, between the begining of April and end of May.  For me, that was the month of May.

And a funny thing happened on the way to publishing my SoFoBoMo book Places Amongst Us, I also ended up publishing a second book; Sharpening Photographs for Blurb Printing. More about that in a moment.

Places Amongst Us is a softcover book available thru Blurb, a Print on Demand (POD) printing company. I have chronicaled the photograrphy and development of this book on my photography blog Singular Images. I am also developing a hardbound version of this series to be published as a Limited Edition Book in conjunction with a Limited Edition Folio that will be published later this year.

From my Introduction:

“This series is about people and their immediate relationships with their environments. I sense that their presence is tangible, by what they have built or chosen to include in their individual territory

I am fascinated by the interaction of neighbors and the use of their common spaces. How people establish and use their borders, creating their boundaries. How they arrive at a similar dwelling and place, but then ‘mark their spot’, to make changes and to create something that speaks to their individuality. This in turn, creates a physical external structure and space that reflects the individual(s).

I think that we are constantly at odds with ourselves, a little internal angst, as we want to fit in and be a part of a larger community but yet want to be seen as an individual, not part of the faceless herd. And we bring with us our cultural background and individual context, and we want to try to establish our identity while not exceeding the local ‘norms’, to ensure that we still ‘fit in”.

That is the essence of which I am trying to capture, much like a formal portrait that captures the external form, attempting to illuminate the inner soul. It is that duality, that dance, which I seek to engage.”

My “how-to” book, Sharpening Photographs for Blurb Printing, on how to prepare photographs for Blurb printing came about after I reviewed the production proof of my first book In Passing. As a result of the revision required for this book, I now expect to publish the softbound version this Summer and the Limited Editon Book and Folio should be available later in the Fall.

Okay, now back to the regular programing.

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