Bill Livingston at Shelter Surf Shop

Joel” photography copyright of Bill Livingston

The current surfer photographs by Bill Livingston are at the Shelter Surf Shop in Long Beach, a little different venue for the photographer than the Long Beach Museum of Art (LA County, CA) where an exhibition of Bill’s Long Beach harbour pinhole photograhs are scheduled to be exhibited at the begining of next month.

A more in depth article about the surfer/photographers exhibit at the Shelter Surf Shop can be found here. And I will write an article about Bills Long Beach Museum of Art exhibit shortly.

posted by Doug Stockdale

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  1. Congratulations to Bill on yet another intriguing series in his diverse & fascinating body of work. The portraits work on several levels, not the least of which is as an homage to Avedon, one of Bill’s admitted photographic heroes, by emulating his idea and incorporating it into a portrait study of the characters Bill has encountered in a subculture that Avedon never revealed to us through his work. Kudos to Bill for freely acknowledging the source of his inspiration and for successfully creating a series of images that stand on their own (whether the viewer has a clue as to Avedon was or not) and are also worthy of comparison with those of the artist who inspired them.

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