The Good Photo Exhibition

A new opportunity for exhibiting and selling your photographic images is now being developed by Rolf Goellnitz, the founder and co-owner of the OMG Gallery in Huntington Beach (OC). It is called the The Good Photo Exhibition and there is a seperate web site for all of the details.

The mission statement: Selecting one of the many good photo(s) you’ve produced and market them for a very affordable price to a broad clientele is our goal.

The application deadline for this juried exhibit is coming up quick on May 15. The images do not need to be matted or framed to be exhibited in line with keeping the prices affordable. This exhibition will be taking place on June 7 & 8th at the OMC gallery in Huntington Beach. There will be a reception on Saturday, June 7th from 6pm to 9pm.

You do have to rent wall space for the exhibit and pay a 15% commission for any related print sales. They also have a sales price structure that you need to agree to for exhibiting, which is detailed in their exhibition agreement available from the The Good Photo web site. And the photograhs can fall into any one of seven catagories.

In an email exchange with Rolf in trying to understand this exhibition, Rolf writes: We are in the start-up phase of a new and I think exciting experiment, where I want to establish as less boundaries as possible. We want to establish a possiblity, where people can find a decent image and still buy an Original, instead (of) a poster.

posted by Doug Stockdale

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  1. Thanks for posting our information on your blog.
    We’re trying to motivate anybody, who takes good photos to be part of our project.
    Sure not for free, but for very reasonable conditions, we’re establishing a chance to target a broad market of people, institutions, businesses, which are looking for good photos for various reasons.

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