Soup Focuses Bobcat Mothers

This month is the second half of the SoFoBoMo, an international voluntary event for photographers who have ever thought about producing their own book. And yes, SoFoBoMo does stand for Solo Foto Book Month (Soup Focuses Bobcat Mothers was one tPE friends take on the project acryonym).

SoFoBoMo is the brain child of Paul Buzti, a blogging photographer located in the state of Washington. The idea is relatively simple: in one month period (this inagural year, chose 30 days between Apirl 1st and May 31st) do an entire photo book project; photograh the series, write it, design the book layout, complete the book layout and be finished at the end of thirty days. Free to enter and open to all photographers worldwide. Just drop me an email that you have decieded to do it. Simple, eh?

And why do it? Gordon McGregor provides some nice perspective, found here.

And yes, yours truely is working on his SoFoBoMo project this month of May. I guess it did not help that I was one of the original promoters of this event. But hey, I wanted to self-publish a book and this has got me moving.

posted by Doug Stockdale

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