Juried Landscape photography deadline – April 30th

In a couple of days, on April 30th, is the deadline to entry the Bartram Gallery, located in La Jolla, CA (SD) juried landscape photography competition. The judging will be by “8 top photographers”, whom we suspect are the photographers represented by the gallery. The entry fee is $50 for the first image and $10 for each additional image. The prize is $500, a ‘coveted spot on the wall” and represenatation by the gallery. It is open to both Black & White and Color photographs, digital or film, urban or nature images.

If you are interested, it would be a very good idea to review the photography of the artists currently represented by this gallery to see if you might be a potential fit. From their Information page: The Bartram Gallery is a collection of photographers who portray and capture on film the art that exists in our natural world. We will preserve the historical method of film captured photography as recognition to all dedicated film photographers.

So if you do shot digital nature and landscape photography and you were thinking that this gallery would be a potential match for you, you have been warned, but I am sure that they would still appreciate your entry fee nevertheless.

posted by Doug Stockdale

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