2nd City Council Art Gallery

The opening reception at the 2nd City Council Art Gallery for the exhibit Earth is this Saturday, April 26th, from 7pm – 9pm. The exhibit runs through May 22nd.

posted by Doug Stockdale

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  1. Last nights opening at 2nd City Council Art Gallery was fantastic. The show, that depicts the beauty of the earth, environmental concerns or solutions, the relationship between man and nature. The event featured the Brad Durtz obliteration Quartet and incredible works by Jude Wadler, Albert Sormanti, Wendy Trauth, Kimiko Miyoshi, Michael Hankin, Don Hall, Jackie Appel, Steven Fujimoto, Ken Boland, Kirk Van Allyn, Milo Cil, Bill Damrova, Bob Beers, Ronald Ray Seekers, S. Shelly Jones, Ann Isolde, Stan Benson, Betty Marin, Carlos Daub, Eileen Star Moderbacher, Diana Wong, Cheryl Lommatsch, Melissa Kaup-Augustine, Don Ryan, Julie Kornblum, Melissa A. Kojima, ReneeAmitai, Ann Marie Rousseau, Kerry Kugelman, Janet Lucroy, Tim Armstrong, Kenda Francis, Ann Fanciullo Sperling, George Two Horses, and Jaune Sabatte.

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