Photo Fest at Long Beach City College

Coming very soon, the Photo Fest at LBCC will be held April 15 -19, their first photographic festival. Which is not getting very much visibility, so we will do our part!

From their announcement:

The first annual PhotoFest@LBCC will be held in Long Beach, California with 4 days of photography-related events and celebrations on April 15, 16, 17th and 19th. The festival will bring together a wide array of accomplished photographers from Southern California and will showcase the work of renowned photographic artists and photojournalists. Our goal is to celebrate photography and it’s impact on our world.The main emphasis of the festival will be the workshops, demonstrations and seminars held over a three-day period. These events are free and open to all levels of expertise. The festival will feature a Photography contest that is open to all LBCC students as well as a “juniors” section for high school students. The closing exhibition and reception will showcase work from the LBCC photography program as well as reveal the photography contest winners.

Dates and Locations
Festival Seminars will be held at the Pacific Coast Campus Photography Facility on Tuesday, April 15th, Wednesday April 16th and Thursday April 17th

Closing Reception and Exhibition will be held at the Mark Anthony Gallery in the East Village Arts District Saturday evening, April 19th.

Nevertheless, some of the workshops are now FULL, but there are some openings in the others, and there are seven photo reviewers participating the in the porfolio review periods (20 minutes reviews).

So please, go check it out!

posted by Doug Stockdale

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