18th annual exchange meeting

Tollroad Hillside

Tollroad Hillside, photography copyright of Douglas Stockdale

The March 20 meeting of the Photographers Exchange marked the 18th year of completing the annual photograph exchange. The group meets every third Thursday of the month, and photographic print exchanges among the members occurs occasionally, the formal print exchange occurs only once per year at the March meeting. And yes, the image with this post is the print that I brought to the exchange, which was selected by John Mulligan.

There were 50 folks at the meeting, and 37 prints were exchanged (Larry Vogel bringing two). Pizza was good and the cookies by Allyson Demlinger (Sandy’s daughter) were yummmy. Oh, I was the fortunate one to get Sandy’s 11 x 14″ Silver Gelatin print, The Congress Hotel (Tuscon, AZ), 1994. nice.

Our photography gallery sponsor for the meeting was Susan Spiritus, of the Susan Spiritus Gallery, Newport Beach, CA, who donated a couple of dozens of the recent issues of Focus Magazine. Thanks Susan!

Also announced at the meeting was the development of a web site for the exchange and exchange members which Larry Vogel is now working on, so more about that soon.

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  1. Thanks to everyone for making The Photo Exchange an enjoyable experience for the past 18 years! The print exchange at the anniversary meeting each year is something that I look forward to hosting. It is always exciting to see the choices made for the images to be included in the print exchange. I think this year really showed the quality of work being done by our members.

    At our next meeting in April I will be showing the new website format and I will provide the information for the files that I will need from each member who wants to be included on our new site—-www.thephotoexchange.org

    Larry Vogel

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