Palm Springs Photo Festival

For those who will be in Southern California next week, a reminder that the Palm Springs Photo Festival will be starting this Sunday, March 30 and going through most of the week.

 I will be one of those attending from The Photo Exchange, but only on Monday, March 31st for just the day. If you plan to be there Monday, leave a comment and perhaps we can get together and chat,

Best regards, Doug Stockdale

Okay, so what title for the guy who edits this?? Okay, we’ll go with Editor at this time. I personally like the Grand Manificent Emperor Over all that Really Matters, but that’s me;- )

Update: Nice day in Palm Springs yesterday, and a nice if not confused, event. Larry, Barbara and their guest were there as well and we all sat togther for the late afternoon symposium, The Business of Fine Art. The panel was interesting, three from the public gallery domain, and three from the Museum side. The panel included Laurie Frank, Frank Pictures Gallery, David Fahey, Fahey Klein, Tim Wride, independent curator, Anthony Bannon, George Eastman House Museum, and Kevin R. Miller, Southeast Museum of Photography, and the panel was mc’d by Holly (speak in the mike) Hughes, editor, PDN.

Attendence this year at the Festival is 360 attendees, doubled over last year, so a growing event. As this Festival, also known as Connect 08, was for the benefit of the photographers, it would have been ncie to see more industry suppliers, but as this continues to grow, that will happen. Big question we have, is if this grows, where to have it, because they have really max’d out their current location. The old ten pounds in a five pound bag!

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